The best kind of friendship – #NewYearNewUs

Re-engage, formerly Contact the Elderly, is committed to older people feeling heard, valued and engaged. As part of #NewYearNewUs, in this blog we hear from from Amarjeet, Taylor, and Chris about their experiences of volunteering and participating in Re-engage tea parties, and the powerful connections and friendships they have formed.   Prior to retirement, Amarjeet, 89,Read more

The power of human connection – #NewYearNewUs

Ann Osborn is CEO of Rural Coffee Caravan, and founder of Meet Up Mondays. In this blog she talks about the power of human connection, and why free coffee and a conversation can make all the difference to someone who is feeling lonely.  Conversation is our social glue and yes, you can chat on socialRead more

Let’s switch on to those around us – #NewYearNewUs

Technology has changed our lives (mostly for the better). But spending too much time staring at our screens could cause you to miss the amazing things right in front of you. As part of our #NewYearNewUs campaign, we’re asking people to spend less time on their phones, and more time connecting with people IRL.  SocialRead more

Building companionship through community – #NewYearNewUs

Social disconnection is a growing problem across Britain. Reconnections by Independent Age –  a new service launching in 2020 – is working to address this challenge through meaningful and sustained local engagement that doesn’t just provide companionship, it builds community. Tara Rowe, who works on the service, shares some of the Reconnections ethos that canRead more

Loneliness is not just for Christmas – #NewYearNewUs

Alex Smith is CEO of The Cares Family, who started in 2011 as a way to tackle social isolation by connecting inter-generational neighbours and creating a sense of community. In this blog, as part of #NewYearNewUs, he talks about how loneliness is not just seasonal, and how the solution, like the problem, lies within usRead more

Let’s Reconnect – #NewYearNewUs

While the New Year is often seen as a time for new beginnings, it’s also an important time for reflection. 1 in 2 people say their busy lives stop them from connecting with others as much as they would like. Maybe you moved to a new city, started a new job or a family. MaybeRead more

Everyone needs a good neighbour – #NewYearNewUs

The Big Lunch is part of Eden Project Communities – which have been running since 2009 with the sole purpose of bringing people together. As part of #NewYearNewUs, they told us about why everyone needs good neighbours, and why 2020 is the year to make new connections, and reach out to those living near you. Read more