Looking out for loneliness – #HaveAChat

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, more people experienced loneliness than ever before.1,2 For many across the UK and Ireland, lockdown may have been their first experience of isolation and loneliness. But for millions of people,...Read more

Have A Chat – and help tackle loneliness

During lockdown, more of us have been affected by loneliness than ever before.1,2 Take the time to check-in with those around you. You never know the difference it could make.  #HaveAChat For many people across...Read more

Just Call

Be More Us is about making connections. And now more than ever, those connections matter.  But for many people who don’t have access to the internet or smartphones, this can be difficult. For a lot of older...Read more

Watch our new video, Let’s Talk More

Small moments of connection, like saying hello to someone in your local shopping centre or smiling at someone on the bus, are an important way to tackle loneliness and can make a huge difference to...Read more

Why we made Let’s Talk More

Loneliness and social isolation are on the rise with nine million lonely people in the UK, and almost half (49%) of UK adults say that their busy lives stop them from connecting with other people....Read more