Feeding the Comm-unity – #QuarantineQuilt

Wonderful contributions to our Executive Director, Kate Shurety’s, Quarantine Quilt continue to keep the Royal Mail Postal Service in business! In this blog we’re sharing some of the stories of connection people have shared alongside their contributions, and what’s helping them stay connected, even when we’re far apart.   Comm-unity When I received Kate’s invitationRead more

Just Call

Be More Us is about making connections. And now more than ever, those connections matter.  But for many people who don’t have access to the internet or smartphones, this can be difficult. For a lot of older people the phone is the easiest, most accessible way to keep in touch. While the number of older people using digitalRead more

Keeping it in the family – #QuarantineQuilt

When our Executive Director, Kate Shurety, began her Quarantine Quilt project, she had no idea how many people would want to get involved. Some of these people included three generations of the family of our Communications Officer, Lexy Matthews. She has written a blog about their contributions, and what being connected to others means toRead more

Connecting through creativity – #QuarantineQuilt

Inspired by having to adapt her fiftieth birthday party due to Covid, our Executive Director, Kate Shurety, has been spending her free time since lockdown on a creative project: a quarantine quilt. This is her blog about the experience. Isolation celebrations “I went into lockdown the weekend before it became official. I called off myRead more

Why I’m not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is upon us. But for those recently bereaved, single, or not celebrating for whatever reason, a day dedicated to being with the one you love can exacerbate feelings of loneliness if you are already feeling alone. In this blog, our Comms Officer, Lexy Matthews, talks about why, whetherRead more

The best kind of friendship – #NewYearNewUs

Re-engage, formerly Contact the Elderly, is committed to older people feeling heard, valued and engaged. As part of #NewYearNewUs, in this blog we hear from from Amarjeet, Taylor, and Chris about their experiences of volunteering and participating in Re-engage tea parties, and the powerful connections and friendships they have formed.   Prior to retirement, Amarjeet, 89,Read more

The power of human connection – #NewYearNewUs

Ann Osborn is CEO of Rural Coffee Caravan, and founder of Meet Up Mondays. In this blog she talks about the power of human connection, and why free coffee and a conversation can make all the difference to someone who is feeling lonely.  Conversation is our social glue and yes, you can chat on socialRead more