Why we created Be More Us

The Campaign to End Loneliness believe that people of all ages need connections that matter.

There are nine million lonely people in the UK and four million of them are older people. Many older people find constant loneliness hardest to overcome. They lack the friendship and support we all need. We’re here to change that. Which is why we launched Be More Us.

We ran workshops and research across the UK.  We found that more than half of us feel it’s been a long time since we made a new friend or connection. But, nearly 9 in 10 of us believe that small moments of connections are a great way to tackle loneliness.

Be More Us is a movement that celebrates these small moments of connection, like saying hello to someone in your local shop or smiling at someone on the bus.

Be More Us is a movement to inspire people of all ages to celebrate the moments we share. In every conversation, in every relationship, there is an opportunity to be ‘Us’ and find something more that connects us.

Let’s take the time to connect and celebrate what brings us together.

Small moments count. So don’t be a stranger. Let’s be more together. Let’s be more open. Let’s Be More Us.