Why we created Be More Us

The Campaign to End Loneliness was the first organisation in the UK raising awareness of loneliness. Now, we are aiming to inspire millions of people to take action. For our first public campaign, we spent months talking with people across the UK about belonging, relationships and their sense of community.

We learned that small moments of connection can have a huge impact on someone who’s feeling lonely. And that small moments of connection can make people feel like they belong. We learned that over half of adults in the UK feel it’s been a long time since they made a new friend or connection.

That’s why we created Be More Us. 

Be More Us is about taking time to connect and celebrate what brings us together. It’s about being curious about the world around us, the people in it and open to new experiences.

Be More Us is a movement that celebrates small moments of connection, like saying hello to someone in your local shop or smiling at someone on the bus. We all need a sense of belonging, no matter how old we are. So Be More Us is a movement to inspire people of all ages to celebrate the moments we could share. In every conversation, in every relationship, there is an opportunity to be ‘Us’ and find something more that connects us.

Small moments count. So don’t be a stranger. Let’s be more together. Let’s be more open. Let’s Be More Us.